Love, care, protect and share

It is the 26th of February. Mars is in Pluto.

I stare out of the tram window at the terrified citizens of Prague. People appear to walk only a couple of metres before stopping to look at their mobile phones in disbelief and horror. The fear is palpable because of course the Czech people know only too well all the tell-tale signs of approaching war and authoritarianism. But this time, it is not just war but the fear of possible human extinction. And as many of you know, I have been in this state of high alert for the best part of my 62 years.  I have studied this condition from every conceivable angle. My perspective is simple – I was born on this day to be here now. 

Killing Joke was ritually consecrated on the 26th of February 1979 so that some forty years later to the day, it would herald a new age of earth changes and upheavals, that would eventually lead to planetary consciousness and regeneration of the biosphere. And of course, forty years ago to the day, I woke up to my muse Sarah in Reykjavik in Iceland and dared to dream of transforming a fan club into a global network of a sustainable, knowledge based, off grid counterculture to which I named ‘The Gathering’.

Today (as I write to you) I have a sense of convergence of both time and destiny as Killing Joke prepares for its forthcoming tour at this critical hour. We are now a global community. A brother and sisterhood guided by our ancestral spirit. A lifetime of empathy – hands that reach out to each other in a human chain.



You and me

This is it!!!! 

We have arrived

And I have to leave the tram. It’s to my apartment for a birthday cigar to slow down an accelerating world – ha ha ha!

If you ever want to please me, it’s got to be a Patron 1964 Anniversary (in natural) preferably a Diplomatico or an Imperial. Or, there again, a Cohiba Espendido – my first cigar.  

Since my near-death experience in Mexico, every new day is a bonus so in spite of the current atmosphere, I feel an inner peace and a sense of balance in the midst of colossal change. I have never felt such a sense of purpose as I do now. Diabetes has been a great teacher of personal discipline. Today I am happy to say I can do 40 push ups and 7 pull ups, run 5km and weight 82.2kgs without the help of any doctor as my insurance took a while to come through. It was a gatherer with diabetes who talked me through it. I have learned who my real friends are, and I tell them I love them as often as possible. I have simplified everything down to love, courage and above all, kindness. I am forever trying to subdue my anger and rise above as they say in new age circles. And where there is laughter there is no fear. 

As I’ve pointed out, there have been multiple nuclear stand offs in my 62 years. My father who used to see me stress out at the thought of a nuclear war used to remind me that throughout mankind’s long and turbulent history there is always an external threat of one kind or another. Let us channel the fear and transcend it collectively.  

I look forward to seeing you all on what looks to be the most important tour in our 43-year history. 

See you all there.  Love, care, protect and share


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