Jaz receives honorary doctorate of music

The Cotswolds area has produced a number of famous musicians, actors and artists, but Jaz Coleman is arguably the most groundbreaking of them all.

Or as he is now known… Doctor Jaz Coleman.

On Wednesday 24th November, Coleman’s contribution to both contemporary and classical music was recognised by the University of Gloucestershire by awarding him an Honorary Doctorate of Music. Stephen Marston, Vice-Chancellor of University of Gloucestershire, said:

“As a university, we were proud to honour Jaz’s achievements by awarding him an Honorary Doctorate of Music at our recent Graduation Ceremonies in recognition of his significant contribution to the arts and, in particular, his contributions to both contemporary and classical music. His career and achievements resonate with many of our students, particularly those aiming for careers in, music, creative arts, and performance.”

To mark this special occasion, locally born and bred commercial mural artist, Andy Dice Davies, (Director of Dice 67) was commissioned to paint Jaz’s portrait on an existing site in Cheltenham. The 20-foot-high portrait can be viewed at the High Street Car park, Swindon Road entrance.

“It’s been such an honour to have painted Jaz. Seeing Killing Joke on the Tube in 1985 changed my musical taste and I’ve been a fan ever since. I first saw them later that year at The Elephant Fayre in Cornwall and his performance blew me away!”

Returning to the town of his birth, fresh from recording new Killing Joke material in Prague, gowned up and ready to accept his award, Dr Coleman said;

“Cheltenham gave me everything. I learned all my music at St Mary’s Church Charlton Kings, The North Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra and Cheltenham Young Peoples Orchestra. It has been a long journey, and I am deeply touched by the recognition by my home town. And as for the mural, I’m blown away. I’m absolutely blown the fuck away.” 

Jaz would like to personally thank 
Andy ‘Dice’ Davies
Cheltenham Borough Council
Stephen Marston and team at the University of Gloucestershire

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