Jaz launches new improved hot sauce

Maverick genius Jaz Coleman signs deal with one of the biggest distributors of Hot Sauce in the UK and Europe – Hot-Headz.

With the loss of live touring over the last 18 months, most artists turned to online performances during the pandemic. Jaz Coleman, in typical fashion, did things differently by diving wand-first into the food industry.

As someone who prides themselves on being somewhat of a hot sauce connoisseur, it seemed the natural path of least resistance to develop his own brand and flavour of chilli sauce. 

“It’s f**cken wicked!  I love it!  Look, I’ve always been a hot sauce fan – so why not make my own. Ha ha ha!  Goes good with my pie range. Totally addictive!” yells Jaz down a crackling phone line from Mexico City.

The original sauce was launched as a small batch on All Hallows Eve in 2020 and quickly sold out. This initial success sparked the interest from Hot-Headz owner/founder and Killing Joke fan, Stuart McAllister. Hot-Headz is synonymous with all things chilli, being the largest stockist of specialty hot sauces in the UK and the EU. Now, having completed a refinement of the original recipe, the official launch of the all-new Joker sauce is Wednesday 7th July.

 “As a life long Killing Joke fan and hot sauce fanatic, when I was approached to make Jaz’s hot sauce vision a reality, it was a dream come true. Working with his own recipe to scale up to commercial production we’ve managed to Honour The Fire with this naturally sweet, yet savoury, full-throttle Ghost Pepper hot sauce” says Stuart McAllister, Chief Hot-Head.

Coupled with the latest tour announcement for the live Killing Joke dates in March/April 2022 – it won’t be long till we are all ‘going to the fire dances’ to ‘honour the fire’.

Jaz Coleman’s The Joker ‘Honour The Fire’ Hot Sauce is available here:

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