Jaz Coleman’s ‘Humble’ Old Jamaican Pies

Aotearoa (New Zealand) holds a strong place in Jaz Coleman’s heart. Not only is he a citizen and has family there – he has been an integral part of the music industry producing and working with various high profiled Kiwi artists (Hinewehi Mohi, NZ Symphony Orchestra, Shihad) and being one of the owners of York Street Recording Studios at its conception.

Another love is his fondness of the classic kiwi pie (accompanied by the famous Kaitaia Hot Fire Sauce) of which there is none other like it across the globe.

This combination is now a reality with Jaz Coleman Old Jamaican Pies, thanks to Brendan Mooney, pastry chef and pie maker of Humblepie Village Butchery on Waiheke Island.

On the original idea behind his Jaz-inspired delicacy, Brendan said:

“One evening after a long shift I happened to be watching an interview with Jaz online and he’d mentioned the one thing he loves about NZ is a good pie. Hang on, I thought, I make a good pie – I’ll make one for ya. I got in touch and away we went. I have always been intrigued by Jaz’s creativity and loved his honesty, so I reached out.”

Jerk patties are a ritual for Jaz when he travels to the UK – he stops at his favourite fish and chip shop on Portobello Road, collects two – one for himself and one for his ex-bodyguard and dear friend, Eddie (Crusher). It’s a tradition that begun back in the late 70s when Killing Joke dwelled in Notting Hill and would scrape together what money was left after ‘expenses’ to buy what Jaz calls – “the best jerk pattie ever made – outside of these ones!”

The Jamaican pattie is not as well known in NZ, which was the motivation behind the concept of the filling – bringing new and refining old flavours to produce two delicious pastry-cased gourmet pies. 

Vegetarian – pumpkin/kumara (sweet potato), coconut, spring onion

Meat – jerk chicken

Both are made with Scotch Bonnet Chillis and with homemade jerk seasoning in a shortcrust pastry, rolled with dotted butter and folded many times – so it’s laminated and very flaky.


Jaz Coleman Old Jamaican Jerk Pies available only at Humblepie Village Butchery, 102 Ocean View Road, Oneroa, Auckland 1081, New Zealand

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