Taking stock


Dear everyone,

New Zealand, Vietnam and central America. Face masks, empty airports, paranoia and worse to come (no doubt) looking at the astrology.

Smoking a Trinidad cigar, taking stock of things – as it were!

After a phone call to my daughter, it was brought to my attention the sheer volume of well wishes from across the globe.

It was only after I became momentarily stationary that the impact of the ‘passing of years’ kicked in after seeing some of Frank’s photos at the Malicious Mansions, Elgin Crescent, Ladbroke Grove, from 1979.

Today is of course the 26th February and all I can think about is the ritual Paul and myself performed at 3:00pm that year, that resulted in all of this – this most sacred and holy mission that has yet to reach its climax. This epic journey that we currently all share – all the inspirational people who became part of our Killing Joke family. How can I ever thank you enough. The brother and sisterhood, the kindness and the loyalty, the Gatherers and loved ones who have passed, Raven, all our dads in KJ, the precious moments, the laughter.

I am moved beyond words for the blessings of this life – my daughters and family, Paul, Youth and Geordie, the music.
It’s only been a couple of months since we were touring and I already miss everyone, and you see… that’s it! Look at what we’ve all accomplished – a network of inspired people – a global family (which is the essence of Magna Invocatio) as we are not defined by where we are from but who and what we love.

And of course, the terrible events that we have been warning about for decades have begun and yes, it is a comforting thought that Killing Joke will be active during this transformation. We are all in this together. All of which emphasises the fact that the most dramatic and exciting moments of this journey are ahead of us. 

Keeping the explosive personalities of a vibrant and active K.J together has great meaning for me at this time. As for my perspective within the microcosm of Killing Joke, if we should (the gods forbid) fragment and fail, there is no hope left for humanity. 

This… our most sacred and holy mission.

Honour the fire

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